Cardiomet Genetic Test

What is cardiometabolic risk?

chances of damaging the heart and blood vessels when one ar more risk factors are present, Risk factors include.

What does Cardiometabolic Does risk mean?

Cardiometabolic risk refers to your chances of having diabetes, Heart disease or stroke.

Who Should take the CardioMet pre-disposition Risk panel?

Especially have a family history of heart disease or diabetes have been diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes.


What can this test do for you?

This test will identify DNA error that:

  • Can increase (or lower) your cardiovascular risks.

  • Impact your response to heart medications.

  • Alter your chances of developing a blood clot or having abnormal cholesterol levels.
Risks Factors

Cardiometabolic Risks Factors

  • Danger Zones

    Obesity: Waist measurement greater than 40 inches in men greater than 35 inches in women. High LDL ("bad) cholesterol Greater than 100 mg di Less than 70 mg/dl.Low HDL ('good) cholesterol: Less than 40 mg/dl in men 50 mg/dl in women.

  • Where you want to be

    A body mass index (BM) of 18.5 to 24.9 for normal weight(BMI is calculated from your height and weight ). Less than 70 mg/dl. Greater than 40 mg/dl in men and 50 mg'dl in women.


Prevention is better than cure

  • Identify

    Both genetics and lifestyle contribute to the chances of developing certain cardiac conditions and exhibiting drug side effects

  • Acquire

    Our expert clinical geneticists will analyze and interpret your results for your medical practitioner to have a thorough assessment of cardiometabolic risk factors and medications.

  • Action Plan

    Your medical practitioner will review the genetic test report and assess the risks to provide you a plan of preventive measures and risk mitigation.