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About My Genes

We at My Genes aim to create a healthy next generation through DNA(genes) sequencing technology. My genes come with the vision to serves the community which is inclined towards genetic level fitness and healthy lifestyle through quality DNA sequencing technology. We as a team strive to build a genetic screening platform that includes fitness, diet, detox, pharmacogenomics, oncology, cardiology and clinical genomics. We have expertise with more than 20+ year's experience in next-generation sequencing services (NGS).

We intend to act with social responsibility thereby formulating a business module that has an intrinsic social conscience so that clients can achieve maximum output from our reliable and authentic services. The module intends to broaden the scope of fitness and wellness.

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My Genes

My Diet

Nutrition is one of the most important lifestyle fclass="text-justify"actors affecting your risk for developing certain diseases and has a significant impact on overall well-being.

My Genes

My Fitness

By analyzing your genes, we can recommend the types of physical activities that suit you best or what to approach with caution.

My Genes

My Weight

Weight loss knows, eat less, move more, or perhaps, eat healthily and move more. Genetics plays an interesting role in the body the concept of it seems so simple.

How Testing Works

Step 1

Consultation with your healthcare practitioner

Step 2

Collect cheek swab/ saliva

Step 3

Tested at our laboratory

Step 4

Report delivered in a few weeks

Step 5

Receive your Fitness test report