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My Diet

Everyone knows that your daily diet directly affects your health. What many don't know is that the relationship between your DNA and your diet can significantly impact your risk for specific health conditions. Nutrition is one of the most important lifestyle factors affecting your risk for developing certain diseases and has a significant impact on overall well-being. The human genome consists of about 25,000 genes and virtually all can exist in different forms. The variation in our genes makes us unique from one another.

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Why a DNA test for Nutrition?

As you know, proper nutrition is the most important factor for optimal results. What is proper nutrition? Is it the same for everyone?
The Answer Is No.
One size does not fit all and one diet, or one 'Recommend Daily Dose' does not suit all. The science of nutrigenetics tells you which diet is right for YOU. A simple and affordable DNA test for your diet could change your life forever.

  • Are you lactose intolerant?
  • Which vitamin should you optimize the most?

Why should you have this test?

  • Armed with the information that is specific to your genetic profile, your healthcare professional will be able to develop the best dietary plan to help you meet your nutrition and fitness goals.

  • Adhering to those recommendations will enable you to optimize your nutritional status and prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases.

Mechanisms Mediating Dietary Sodium-Induced Alterations in BP

  • Environmental Genetic Interactions
    e.g. AT, gene variants & other genetic variants
  • Physiological Mechanisms Mediating Changes in BP
    -Renal Function
    - Fluid Volumes & Regulatory Hormones
    -Non-Renal vasculature
    -Cardiac Function
  • Effect on BP

"My Diet" Report has a lot to offer you

  • Nutrition Profile

    e.g.Vitamin A, Calcium, Sodium,Vitamin B6 ,Vitamin E , Folic Acid ,Vitamin B9,Vitamin C ,Selenium, Vitamin B12 , Vitamin K, Omega-3, Magnesium , Vitamin D,Iron
  • Sensitivity & Intolerances

    e.g.Caffeine sensitivity, Lactose Intolerance, Gluten Intolerance, Salt Sensitivity
  • Fats Response

    e.g.Saturated fats, MUFA, PUFA, Carbohydrates

My fitness

Physical activity generally affects our health positively, but just as your ability to process certain foods is unique to your metabolism, certain sports or activities can be more beneficial for you than they are for others.By analyzing your genes, we can recommend the types of physical activities that suit you best or what to approach with caution.

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What can the "My Fitness" report offer you?

Exercise Response
  • BMI & Waist Circumference in response to exercise
  • Response to Strength /Resistance Training
  • Adrenaline Response
  • Testosterone Response
  • Fat Metabolism
  • HDL Cholesterol in response to exercise Other Responses

  • Power Profile
  • Endurance Profile
  • Aerobic Response
  • Anaerobic Response Injury & Recovery
  • Fat Metabolism
  • HDL Cholesterol in response to exercise Other Responses

  • Injury Risk
  • Muscle Injury
  • Recovery
  • Achilles Tendinopathy Risk
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Ligament Rupture Risk

My Weight

Weight loss knows, eat less, move more, or perhaps, eat healthily and move more. But then again, if you're someone who's had trouble losing weight in the past, or at least maintaining that weight loss, you may have asked yourself if genetics are to blame.
Genetics plays an interesting role in the body the concept of it seems so simple. Your composition. Programs tailored to an individual's DNA have proven to be much more effective than generic programs.

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My Genes

What can "My Weight" report offer you

Eating Behaviour
  • Eating Behaviour Trait
  • Sweet Perception
  • Bitter Taste Perception
  • Snacking Behaviour
Weight Management
  • Pre-Disposition to Obesity
  • Response to Dieting
  • Adiponectin Levels
  • Waist Circumference Responses
  • Weight regain Risk
  • Cellulite Predisposition
  • Fat Storage
Prevention Profile
  • Response to Paleo Diet
  • Response to the Mediterranean Diet
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Metformin Response

My Detoxification

Detoxification Test

Detoxification (detox) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.

Our body has an amazing capacity to rid itself of harmful substances! We take in toxins daily through eating natural plant toxins and man-made chemicals, through breathing in air pollution, and through slathering on skincare spənpord What if you could know which toxins are most important to avoid? Our detoxification genes work at different rates due to genetic variations.

Where Genetics Plays a Role

Don't bother asking whether a trait is determined by "nature or nurture." For any athletic trait, Roth says, the answer is both.

How to Tell What You're Suited For?

One of those genes is called ACE, and a certain version is associated with aerobic fitness in endurance athletes.

Who Needs the Test?

This DNA/Genetic Fitness Test can teach you how to improve your speed, fat burning, endurance, recovery time, and muscle building.